Date: 31/05/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: Writing Love Letters

Hey beloved Sis,
Thank you for reading and thank you for the way you constantly affirm people and bless them including your little sister. How blessed I am to have you in my life. Wow - that's wonderful how you send out at least 10 letters and cards each day in snail mail. How much you must bless the recipients.

I have a problem in writing legibly or I'd write more snail mail myself. :) I am so grateful to God that there are other ways of communicating because if I couldn't have typed, writing by hand would have been far too difficult for me these days.

Thank YOU for that enormous labour of love in that book which will bless me time and time again. You are amazing!

And I say Amen to your little prayer. Yes, Lord, help us communicate your love in ways that others understand.
Much love and many thanks,

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