Date: 07/08/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: HE will not let your foot slip

Hi dear Chits,
Thanks so much for reading and responding. Yes, Psalm 121 is a wonderful Psalm isn't it? I agree that Satan does try to harm us but He that is within us is greater than He that is in the world. I also agree that although God permits stuff to happen to us He is not the author of it. We fight against the principalities and powers of darkness. Yes, as I said and you reiterated it's JESUS who is the Rock under our feet. And JESUS we need to look on

The wobbly feet I mentioned were my real feet - not my metaphorical ones. :) I needed to look where I am stepping on because I have physically fallen many times. So God taught me to be wise about looking where I am going. :) But of course, in the metaphorical sense my gaze is only on JESUS!

I have been so blessed by Him and know you have been too. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
Much love,

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