Date: 22/08/2018

By: Sal Williams

Subject: Listening Matter

Hi beloved sis,
Great blog...SO needed in our world today. I too love to listen (eve though it often hurts to hear someone's pain) but sometimes I know I have been too quick with my responses and feel a gentle 'rebuke' or nudge by God!
"Be Slow to speak and Quick to listen", we are told!

Thanks so much for this. I like these quotes:

"Listening is about being present, not just about being quiet" & "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand but with the intent to reply."

Youare so right sis folks need to eb validated int ehri feelings and to feel they are ';ehard' no matter waht. May we yurge each otehr to sdo so.

In fact we were putting together a leaflet for a seminar Dileeni is doing on Listening in counselling for curch lay people. A friend added to it "Discover the healing art of a listening heart!

Keep writing...we are 'listenning'!!

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