Date: 18/12/2017

By: Jo'Anne Griffiths

Subject: 'When Clouds Gather'

Good morning, dear Anusha

Date: 07/11/2017

By: Melinda

Subject: A God Who Gives

Hi Anusha,
I just loved reading your blog today. It makes me smile when I think about my own life and all the gifts God has given me over the years. Some I didn't think were gifts at the time, but they turned out to be some of my greatest blessings.
And as you know, this past year, God did, indeed, ask me to give something up (a certain relationship as you'll recall); and during the intervening nine months, God absolutely showered me with gifts - so many that I'm still awe struck. He did, in effect, step in as my husband, and provided for me in ways that no human ever has. And after my obedience and a longish waiting period, God gave me back the relationship I'd given up for Him.

I think it's rare that God asks us to give things up; that more often, it's the enemy who does that. But if we use our discernment, as you did and as I continue to try to do, we'll work out whether or not the 'ask' is from the Father's heart. If so ... well, I can only exuberantly encourage all and sundry to be obedient. What awaits you around the corner may be beyond your wildest dream. xo

Date: 07/11/2017

By: Anusha

Subject: Re: A God Who Gives

Hi dear Melinda,
Thanks so much for your lovely encouraging words. So glad you enjoyed my blog. It's a good habit I think to reflect on our lives and remember all the wonderful gifts that have been showered upon us over the years. I love it how you were obedient in giving up the relationship for awhile when God asked it of you. I love it even more how God rewarded your faithfulness by bringing you your heart's desires. Oh! How I rejoice with you my friend. How sweet it is when we offer our all to Him and He gives it to back more sacred and more blessed than ever.

You are right that the enemy is one who usually tries to strip us from things we are attached to. I think what God requires is that our hearts are fully surrendered to Him. I believe He wants us to hold all things loosely so we are grounded in Him. We can enjoy everyone and everything in the right way when He is at the centre. I liked your last statement. Yes, usually God outgives us all the time. And yes, do agree that obedience is the key and unlocks the Father's blessing. Thanks for chatting... I did enjoy exploring the topic further with you my friend. Every blessing to you in this exciting amazing blessed season of your life. May it be your best yet! xo

Date: 02/10/2017

By: Jo'Anne Griffiths

Subject: Never Give Up

Dearest Anusha

Date: 21/08/2017

By: Jo'Anne Griffiths

Subject: Lessons from a Lone Pink Geranium

Oh how beautiful, dear Anusha :*
I sure can relate fully to this message. It is such a strong one. Thank you for sharing this, your messages always brighten my day, and lighten my load. I would like to share this one with love on my website.
Love, kisses, and hugs,
Jo'Anne xo

Date: 21/08/2017

By: Anusha

Subject: Re: Lessons from a Lone Pink Geranium

Thanks so much sweet Jo'Anne for reading and responding. I'm so glad you liked it. Go ahead and share - the more the merrier as they say and I am honoured. :)
Muchest love and hugs being sent your way,
Keep being YOU my lovely friend,
Anusha xox

Date: 22/12/2017

By: Anusha

Subject: Re: Lessons from a Lone Pink Geranium

Hi dearest Jo'Anne.
Thanks so much for this message which I seem to have missed. I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog. Delighted to hear that my messages brighten your day and lighten your load. Please feel free to go ahead and share any time. I'm only too glad to share the love! :)

Blessings sweet friend.
Much love too,
Anusha xox

Date: 21/08/2017

By: sal williams

Subject: Lessons from the Lone Pink Geranium

Oh sis,
this is lovely and something that most of us can relate to!
Thanks for sharing so can be sure I will pass it on! It gives Hope and that's what many desire right now!.

lotsa love and more power to your pen!
sal XO

Date: 21/08/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: Lessons from the Lone Pink Geranium

Thanks dearest sis and so glad you can relate to it. Very glad to hear you will pass it on. Yes, hope is badly needed in our world today I agree. Bless you for bringing hope to many lives,
Blessings and lots of love to a dear sis,

Date: 07/08/2017

By: Chits

Subject: HE will not let your foot slip

Dear Anu,
What a wonderful God we serve! Psalm 121 is one of my favourites and I often recite it and think about it. One thing we must know is that we are living in a fallen world with fallen people around us. Satan is the king of this world, but JESUS has overcome this world and those who believe and trust in HIM will also overcome it. God does not give us sicknesses or make us fall down. He knows that we will stumble on this earth and took it all to the Cross. So, when satan throws sicknesses at you, take it to the cross repeatedly. Don't try to analyse why your feet are wobbly, please keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Let us run this race that is set before us, with our eyes fixed on Jesus (Heb 12:1-2). May His Face shine upon you and keep you in His embrace.
Love ❤️ Chits

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