Date: 22/12/2017

By: Anusha

Subject: Re: Lessons from a Lone Pink Geranium

Hi dearest Jo'Anne.
Thanks so much for this message which I seem to have missed. I'm so glad you enjoyed the blog. Delighted to hear that my messages brighten your day and lighten your load. Please feel free to go ahead and share any time. I'm only too glad to share the love! :)

Blessings sweet friend.
Much love too,
Anusha xox

Date: 21/08/2017

By: sal williams

Subject: Lessons from the Lone Pink Geranium

Oh sis,
this is lovely and something that most of us can relate to!
Thanks for sharing so can be sure I will pass it on! It gives Hope and that's what many desire right now!.

lotsa love and more power to your pen!
sal XO

Date: 21/08/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: Lessons from the Lone Pink Geranium

Thanks dearest sis and so glad you can relate to it. Very glad to hear you will pass it on. Yes, hope is badly needed in our world today I agree. Bless you for bringing hope to many lives,
Blessings and lots of love to a dear sis,

Date: 07/08/2017

By: Chits

Subject: HE will not let your foot slip

Dear Anu,
What a wonderful God we serve! Psalm 121 is one of my favourites and I often recite it and think about it. One thing we must know is that we are living in a fallen world with fallen people around us. Satan is the king of this world, but JESUS has overcome this world and those who believe and trust in HIM will also overcome it. God does not give us sicknesses or make us fall down. He knows that we will stumble on this earth and took it all to the Cross. So, when satan throws sicknesses at you, take it to the cross repeatedly. Don't try to analyse why your feet are wobbly, please keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Let us run this race that is set before us, with our eyes fixed on Jesus (Heb 12:1-2). May His Face shine upon you and keep you in His embrace.
Love ❤️ Chits

Date: 07/08/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: HE will not let your foot slip

Hi dear Chits,
Thanks so much for reading and responding. Yes, Psalm 121 is a wonderful Psalm isn't it? I agree that Satan does try to harm us but He that is within us is greater than He that is in the world. I also agree that although God permits stuff to happen to us He is not the author of it. We fight against the principalities and powers of darkness. Yes, as I said and you reiterated it's JESUS who is the Rock under our feet. And JESUS we need to look on

The wobbly feet I mentioned were my real feet - not my metaphorical ones. :) I needed to look where I am stepping on because I have physically fallen many times. So God taught me to be wise about looking where I am going. :) But of course, in the metaphorical sense my gaze is only on JESUS!

I have been so blessed by Him and know you have been too. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.
Much love,

Date: 07/08/2017

By: Chits

Subject: Re: Re: HE will not let your foot slip

I'm in Singapore and have a bit of spare time to reflect and write. I'm enjoying Ashana's 3 sons. Panchan comes over on Wednesday 9th and we return to Sydney on the 15th. Have a blessed day. Love Chits

Date: 07/08/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: Re: Re: HE will not let your foot slip

Hi again dear Chits.
Wow - a special joy to hear back from you again! :) Lovely to hear you are enjoying your three grandsons and are in Singapore with Ashana. Enjoy! It will be even better when Panchan arrives on Wednesday am sure. Family times are indeed special times. God bless you all. Love to Ashana and special hugs to the boys.
Much love,

Date: 08/06/2017

By: sal williams

Subject: Using our God-keys!

Hi sis (not yet 60!!),

Thanks for this new concept of using our God keys!!

Last year it was 'trust' and even as you shared about Joy being your special word this year for me it became 'gratitude or Thankfulness'!

Apart from that I love you suggestions of the various ways we can use these 'keys' so to speak.

In our deep sense of gratitude for so much that we have received may we spur each other always to lift the many who hurt and are downcast. "To whom much is given much is expected." Thank you for doing that via your writings and time spent listening!


Date: 08/06/2017

By: Anu

Subject: Re: Using our God-keys!

Beloved Sis,
Yes, trust is a vital God-key is it not? And yes, in order to bless others, we do need our God-keys, that's for sure. I think there are 2 basic God keys really - loving God and loving others - and if we can get it right - all else will fall into place. I know you will agree.

Great to hear of your keys of 'Gratitude' and 'Thankfulness' this year being your major 'keys' as mine is 'Joy'. I too have been trying to cultivate gratitude and thanks as life keys to use in every season. I think gratitude unlocks many doors to life does it not? :)

Bless you dearest sis for spurring me to use my God-keys at all times.
Lots of love and thanks for responding,

Date: 31/05/2017

By: sal williams

Subject: Writing Love Letters

Oh Anu,

I am delighted you've written this blog! I was a snail mail person but it became more regular ever since mama passed away and I saw her collection of letters and cards. since then every month I send out at least 10 letters to folks here and abroad. I think there is something magical in receiving snail mail!! Yes, I am old fashioned!! [I know snail mail is not the only way!!!]

I will certainly look at that link you've given. Bless you too for being such a writer....thank you dear sis for that lovely letter. Appreciate you taking the time.

"Thank You God," I say, " for Your love communicated to us in Your Word and the affirmation you constantly give us share that love always"!

sibling no.5

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