Date: 10/12/2012

By: Dashika

Subject: The Last Flower

Dear Anu,

Thank you for your excellent blog post. Yes, I totally agree how much we need to persevere in our walk with the Lord, even when we don't see the immediate answers to our prayers. Also to endure patiently when we are faced with trials.
It is great to hear of your work with Refresh, it must have been lovely to celebrate and thank God for those 6 years He has used you to help parents of special needs kids, who need love and support. I too encounter kids with special needs and even teach piano to one or two, it is so lovely to see them develop in their music. I often find these kids very creative and gifted. Yes, it is sad when parents of kids with special needs feel judged and misunderstood.

Sorry to hear that you lost all your guest book comments.
Keep on writing dear Anu, love reading your inspiring blogs. I have been reading them all, but haven't had the time to comment on them recently.

Lots of love
Dashika X

Date: 13/12/2012

By: Anu

Subject: Re: The Last Flower

Dear Dashika,
Thanks so much for taking the trouble to read my blog and to respond too. So sweet of you. Thanks for all your previous responses - which I am so sorry disappeared within the blink of an eye recently.

That was so good to hear that you encounter kids with special needs whom you teach music to. Wonderful. Bless you Dashika - I can well understand that you would make a kind and wonderful teacher to these kids and to others too.

Thanks for your encouragement. I shall take it and keep writing. Bless you my friend.

Thanks again for all your loving input into my life.
Much love and every blessing to you dear friend.
Anu xo

Date: 10/12/2012

By: sal

Subject: Endurance - The last flower!

Darling sis,

I found your blog speak to me today....yes, so often we are ready to throw in the towel.
We pray and pray and nothing seems to happen....and yet it does!! May we never become weary in well doing for in deu season we shall reap isnt it?

Thanks for the encouragement and the reminder that His crown awaits us.
I was glad too that you mentioned that often parents with special kids are misunderstood or as you say judged. Knowing parents of special kids has opened me up to be a more compassionate person Anu...esp the kids I teach. How it must seem to these parents when someone grumbles about a broken window or poor grades or a child who spoke back....know what I mean? It's all about perspective I guess and opening our hearts and mind to 'others' hear their pain even though it may not be voiced. You are spot on sis- they are the heroes and heroines!
I count it an honour to know some of them.

Keep writing and touching our lives.

Date: 13/12/2012

By: Anu

Subject: Re: Endurance - The last flower!

Darling Sal,
Thanks so much for taking time in this busy season to not only read my blog but also to respond to it. It is much appreciated. And yes, may we as you reminded us - never be weary in doing good.

Teaching is a wonderful profession - and bless you as you open your heart to kids and specially to special needs kids. Yes, you are so right. I would find that what parents of typical kids would be grumbling about small petty things sometimes, when there was so much heart break in the lives of special needs kids and their parents.

Bless you sis for the way you touch and bless so many lives.
Muchest love and thanks again for all your encouraging words,
Anu xo

Date: 04/12/2012

By: Anusha

Subject: Guest Book Zapped

Dear Friends,
My Guest book was zapped accidentally (when deleting one small spam mail) on the 3rd of December 2012. There had been pages and pages of many lovely messages inside my guest book. They had arrived over a period of 9 months since my website came into existence! It was a sad day indeed when its entire contents disappeared very suddenly at the click of a button.

This new Guest book has been re-created today. 4th December 2012. I would love to see some new messages in it once again.

Thanks very much to all who care to leave one and many blessings to each of you!
Warm regards and God bless you,

Date: 10/12/2012

By: Chintz

Subject: Re: Guest Book Zapped

Dear Anusha,

Children and parents have many trials as they grow up and learn things and support each other in the modern world. The special child or even a special parent needs to be given all the support needed and a 'judgement' should never be made at least not by one of us. I wish them strength and courage.


Date: 13/12/2012

By: Anusha

Subject: Re: Re: Guest Book Zapped

Hiya Chintz,
Thanks for your wise sayings about parents and children. Yes, the world is not an easy place to navigate is it? Bless you for your thoughts,

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