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Thank you for visiting ‘Dancing in the Rain’. I hope you enjoy the experience. You will catch a  glimpse or two into who I am and what I do; what I believe in and the books that I write.


Why am I dancing in the rain? Good question. "Why not?" I ask you. Rain is what pours down on all of us, as we squelch our way through life, don’t you think? Life happens. It’s often good but sometimes not so good. Stuff happens. To all of us! Without exception.


And so what I have learnt in a nutshell is this. Life is an amazing adventure! But its sunshine isn't permanent. Rainy seasons happen. How do I deal with the rain? And the slush? And the storms when they come? I've learnt that Life is also about choice. What happens is often beyond my control. But.... my attitude towards what happens is something I can own and take charge of. And so I choose to ‘Dance in the rain’. As a choice. And you know what? It’s fun!

And so worth it!


My Books

Enjoying the Journey            

A book of little life lessons to inspire and challenge you on your journey



My niece, Dilshara Hill  is a Mathematician and a Free Lance Photographer. She has contributed 16 beautiful colour photographs and 75 wonderful sketches to my book 'Enjoying the Journey' . Do have a look at her website to experience more of her amazing photography.

Just arrived! A fresh batch of 'Enjoying the Journey'. Email me if you like a copy. $15.00 plus postage.


Website Launched!

27/02/2012 00:00
My Website cum Blogsite, 'Dancing in the Rain', was officially launched on Monday, February 27th 2012. Feel free to browse through it and to comment in my guest book. I look forward to hearing your views.      
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I will usually write my weekly blog but occasionally will instead write a little devotional. I pray they will all refresh your spirit.