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He Cares More than You Know!

22/02/2018 19:39
My purse broke the other day and I was forced to buy a new one. I had liked the way it fitted snugly into my palm when I used it. I liked its colour. I hoped I’d find a replacement when I spent the generous gift card I'd received at Christmas. But when I checked prices of purses at the shop the...

Dancing in the Rain

15/02/2018 18:15
My second book 'Dancing in the Rain' will be out on 1st March 2018 published by Armour Books. It's a book that offers comfort and hope for tough times.  Make sure you won't miss out. Please email me on if you would like a copy. Cost: $20.00 plus postage.

Glimpses of Light

15/02/2018 18:12
I have a story published in Glimpses of Light Anthology. You can find the book on Amazon. A great book with plenty of amazing stories. You won't be disappointed! 

His Friendship is for You Too!

15/02/2018 17:18
Some years ago, I studied the book of Exodus, enjoying the riveting story of God’s deliverance of His chosen people, the children of Israel. I must confess that I felt a stab of envy when I read that Moses was called God’s friend. I’d love to be called a friend of God too!     A song on...

Your Answer is on its Way

01/02/2018 17:15
The first fourteen  years of our married life included eleven moves in four countries. We took them in our stride, perhaps because we had youth and energy on our side. But during the past six months as we attempted a 12th move …. that was something else altogether. We had never sold a house...

A Glimpse into God's Heart

11/01/2018 19:32
A few years back, I had a sudden change of calling. My church-based ministry  of over a decade shifted into a do-life-as-it-happens kind of season. Our local shopping centre became my regular focus for serving others. As I walked around doing my weekly shopping, I prayed for strangers,...

Let's cherish the Old as we welcome the New

27/12/2017 20:27
Over the last 6 months we’ve been swept along on an exhausting Roller Coaster Ride. I’m told that moving is the next most stressful event after divorce. From what we have been through, I can now testify to it. It’s been a voyage filled with highs and lows, mountain top views and sugar crashes. The...

When Clouds Gather

15/12/2017 18:23
11 p.m. Wednesday 13th Dec 2017 I stand outdoors at in the cool night air, watching the skies with my beloved. A Spectacular Sky Show is expected—the Geminids Meteor shower 2017. Aaaarrrgh! Mosquitos feast on me and I am covered in bites. But ... as my eyes adjust to the night, I am mesmerised by...

Seeking Sovereign Solutions

30/11/2017 17:07
Ten years ago, my wayward stomach decided to play fun and games at my expense. Foods it coped with before and even thrived on, turned into arch enemies. For decades, I’d drunk three cups of tea a day, but now, all at once, ingesting caffeine gave me a belly-ache. I was forced to cut back to just...

Make Every Day Count

17/11/2017 08:12
I’m often late to bed on a Saturday night, so getting up early on Sunday is a challenge. A few months ago, one Lord’s day, surprise, surprise … I woke up bright and early. Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I ambled across to our family room. When I looked out, I noticed a towel I’d hung out to dry...
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