A Reason to Dance

27/02/2012 00:00

There I was – 26 years old and unmarried; possibly an old maid for the rest of my life! I’d never had a boy friend. Not that there were no contenders. But the young men who were interested in me were not those I had any interest in. The two or three men whom I’d fallen in love with over the years, didn’t seem to be interested in me!
I’ve always been a romantic at heart. At the age of 19, I’d believed in fairy tale endings. My parents had a very happy marriage. And so …… I looked forward to the day when I could begin my own fairy tale ending in life. I told God one day “Lord – there seems no one on my horizon. You will have to manufacture a man for me.”! I heaved a great big sigh! And wrote a few sad poems in my poetry book!
Life is often clever at surprising us don't you think? Sometimes those surprises are not ones we want or like. But on this day – on the 4th of August 1984, a truly amazing and wonderful surprise dropped into my unsuspecting lap. My friend of 4 years, Shan – told me that he’d been interested in me for awhile. My response? Surprise! “Really?” I’d never considered him in that way before. We were good friends – no more. I didn’t think there was a future for us. Or was there?
And you know what? As I thought about it….. something very strange occured. I began to feel positive about it – just like that. As I pondered, my positive feelings increased. As the days passed – God spoke to me clearly. I had a very strong conviction that Shan was the the God ordained husband for me. And I fell deeply in love!
Thinking back, I realise what a miracle it was how it had occured! Three other eligible Christian friends had approached me with their interest awhile before – but I hadn’t felt this way then. I simply said 'No'! But now, just in 4 short days – I was certain that Shan was the one for me. He was gentle, he was kind. He was tall, he was handsome. He had a lovely dimple on his right cheek when he smiled. He and I were both Christians, involved in Christian ministry together. We both liked animals, specially dogs. We both loved books. Yes, we had similar interests. And yes, I believed he was God’s person for me. And so I said a resounding ‘Yes’. And my fairy tale ending began.
It’s 28 years later now – and I look back with joy. Yes, my finding my life’s partner was indeed a reason to dance and still is. Two years ago, I found another reason to dance. God answered my 2nd big childhood dream. On the 10th of July 2010, my first book, ‘Enjoying the Journey’ was published by Back to the Bible in Sri Lanka. I became a published Author. Its book launch was another big epoch moment in my life. Another wonderful beginning. Another reason to dance.
Today I begin my blogging adventures, ‘Dancing in the Rain’. I’d like to begin by sharing my big reason to dance in the rain. I’ve already mentioned two reasons why I’ve been dancing through life. But those dances were dances in the sunshine.
What I would like to share through my blog is something even better. Not just the dancing in sunshine when all is well, although that too. But the dancing when the rain falls heavy on my shoulders; when I get wet – when the thunder shrieks loudly and when lightning strikes! It’s not easy during such rainy seasons to smile and to dance. But dance I will.
My big reason to dance in the rain happened 38 years ago. The Person behind it was JESUS. He became my all in all. He opened life in ways I had not experienced before. What has He done for me? Everything. Yes, everything! He turned rainy days into rainbows. He turned sadness into meaning. He changed me from the inside out and gave me a new song to sing. He helped me overcome my stormy days. And replaced them with hope. The anticipation of wonderful things to come!
And so today, I dance. Not just a dance that occures when the sun shines. But one that happens no matter what the weather. Here’s hoping that you too will join me as I dance in the rain. Life is short – and so… it’s time we enjoyed it to the full, before the curtain falls.And life’s dance is over.
I have a reason to dance! His name is Jesus!


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